Tara* Berserkr- my Personal Myth


Tara Berserkr is a a manifestation of my Private Myth. The best way I could describe her is a live hypersigil.  In case some of you are not familiar with this term-  A hypersigil is a large or medium sized artwork with magical intention, designed to manifest events or objects in the objectively observable reality (http://occult.wikia.com/wiki/Hypersigil )

I have chosen this name carefully with hope it will help me to transform into a more powerful and liberated being, a truly unbound soul.  She is a manifestation of my inner divine self combining features and ideas I associate with. She is a work in progress, creation of my true undisturbed Will. As a Thelemite of a sort I consider her to be a vessel of the greater powers, child of the New Aeon, interplay of the Ra-Hoor-Khuit and Babalon but she is many things really…

You may have noticed I am using the third person here. That’s because Tara Berserkr is my own creation. She’s not all that I am, at least not yet.

Her power grows each day, as she is now present in the minds of my friends.  I can see that this name carries a  message.

You may have noticed I frequently talk about gods in my articles. The very nature of deities, angels etc. is a mystery to me. For a long time I believed them to be archetypes, creations of the human minds. However my recent research and opinions gathered from the other mages made me wonder whether these entities have actual lives of their own.

Following an example of Tara Berserkr – she originated as an abstract idea in my own head. She was totally made up to begin with. Now she has a life of her own. There are times when I wonder if she was actually created by me. Is it possible she’s a live  manifestation of some forces greater than myself? A voice from the Collective Unconscious?

One of the translations of magical words Abracadabra is supposedly “I will create as I speak”. Words hold an undeniable power and the origins of human language are still a mystery. A name in itself could be seen as a mantra, a hidden spell we carry with us each day. This is why I believe we should choose our own names.

Dissection of Tara* Berserkr  can be found in these articles: (That’s where I explain who she is.)

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