Karma and Reality Tunnels

This section contains articles exploring concepts of Karma and Samsara and their connection with the modern idea of Reality Tunnels. It was my early exploration of the Buddhist philosophy. I decided to remove any religious connotations of the discussed concepts and instead I focused on their connection with psychology. I believe that the concept of Karma is widely misunderstood in our society. Because of that most of people are unable to work with it. Whilst in fact awareness of our beliefs and our actions helps us to gain higher level of control over our lives.

These articles were published slowly over the course of two years starting from Jan 2013 till Dec 14. I decided to gather them all in one place as that makes them easier to read. At some point I am hoping to re-read and edit them all as I’m not fully satisfied with the outcome. My outlooks changed quite significantly since then and I am not entirely happy with the writing style.

First 4 articles could be treated as an introduction to the above concepts and my initial understanding of them. Without reading these you won’t be able to understand my point of view on the subject.

1.) All you see is inside of your head

2.) Samsara and Reality Tunnels

3.) Karma

4.) Karma and Reality Tunnels


The following 3 articles moved onto the idea of breaking out/ freeing oneself from the Wheel of Karma. In many ways this the main goal of my magical practice.

1.) Awakening and Death of Ego

2.) Expansion of a Reality Tunnel

3.) Reprogramming


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