Rebirth In the body of Gaia

Rebirth in the body of Gaia is the peak of the shamanic initiations. In the body of Gaia your own physical body becomes one with the power of the elements. Gaia as the Mother Earth is the goddess of the wild currents, storms, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes and tsunamis. It’s only in the arrogance of our limited western mindset where we see her as tranquil and peaceful creature that could be easily conquered. She gives us her nourishment and her refuge and illusion of the order in the cycle of seasons. However she can take lives away as easily as she gives them. She’s the goddess of death and life, the goddess of light and shadow. She is the only World that we know of, the only one we have ever inhabited. Pewp24bb7d7c_05_06ople of all cultures worshiped her power and paid her respects throughout the centuries.

It was only through the Monotheistic religions that she became the symbol of evil. They were the ones who demanded that our physical bodies should be bound and punished. They proclaimed the superiority of the mind above the body. Gaia has always been  perceived as a female, the Mother, the giver of life. This is probably why in their ignorance religions dis-empowered females…

 Now with arrival of the New Aeon Gaia comes back to us in a new form as Babalon- the Sacred Whore.

Love of the physical body is the key to the true wisdom of life. Without it we will always live in conflict and tension. Learn how to love your own body.

In the west human body is perceived as a machine- clockworks and parts that are set in place to play certain functions. If a part breaks it gets replaced. Everything is done by force.

Ancient Chinese saw the body as the garden that needs balance and nourishment. tumblr_n3mpo8AZRB1ttzaedo1_500In the garden everything is done with care. When the plants get dry you need to give them some water. However when they get too wet they will decay. It’s all about the balance. Sometimes the garden dies down. This is unavoidable, just like an illness. Attitude to illness was also different in China. The peace of mind was considered as a recovery, even if the body was still struggling. Sometimes death was considered a healing.

Our culture teaches to treat our bodies like slaves. It demands that we stayed awake whenever they want us to be awake. We are forced to control our secretions. We are forced to control our moods. We’re not allowed to be tired, angry or depressed. We are supposed to be well functioning robots. This is not what we are. We are like gardens.

Some of us may be more like rocky gardens, others like marshlands. We can’t all be the same- sunny and full of flowers. Let our minds to be gardeners of our bodies. A gardener needs to be wise. We can’t force the flowers to grow on the dry sandy ground. We can’t make the trees grow on top of the rocks. This doesn’t mean that our garden can not be beautiful in its rockiness.When you recognise your own nature you will know how to make your body flourish. And then your mind will flourish too.

Pain is a part of life. It can’t be erased. Pain can be transformed with the power of the thought. Accept it the same way you accept changes in the natural world. It might be that a seed of a plant hurts before it bursts open. It might be that a plant hurts when it rots. If there is something you can do about it- do it. If not accept it. Learn to see yourself a work in progress, a process, part of the universal movement. The dance of life and death. This is what you really are. A small chunk of time and space-perfect in its own way.