1. All you see is inside of your head.

As far as I’m aware topic of human perception has been widely discussed by philosophers, scientists and mystics of all times. As a principle it is very simple and straightforward- our perception of reality is based on our interaction with the surrounding environment. We receive the messages from the outside world and we process them inside our heads creating a memory of what we have seen. Since received stimulus needs to make its way to the brain before we become conscious of it, in a way everything we perceive is the past, the memory. So what we really see and feel around us are our mental projections of the surrounding environment, not the environment itself. I believe that this is what Buddhist philosophy describes as the Maya- illusion of the world. We never know the world as it truly is, all we know are the mental images created in our heads.

If you think about the reality in terms of your own perception rather than in absolute terms you begin to realise that you have no right to claim anything as an ultimate truth. All you can be sure of is that this is how things seem to you. From this point of view every argument becomes useless since all we ever argue about are differences in our perceptions of reality. Your perception of reality is your reality and my perception of reality is my reality. There is no objective outsider we could refer to to arbitrate the conflict since everyone of us is limited by their own vision. Unfortunately most of us are not able to think about the world in terms of our mental projection. We spend great amounts of our time and energy on fighting one another opinions and searching for proof of what we believe to be the ultimate truth.

Understanding of the difference between “objective” reality and our perception of reality is not an easy task. Philosophers have been arguing this topic over the centuries and to this day some thinkers question whether such thing as an “objective” reality exists at all. Many people believe that scientific research brings a chance to proof or disprove things in an objective manner. What they forget about is that every scientist is limited by their own senses and their own mental projections of the world.

From what I understand modern science arrived to conclusion that observer and object of observation are very closely connected. Just by being there an observer affects an observed phenomenon. Whilst in the past scientists believed themselves to be the “outside” observers of studied phenomena, now it becomes apparent that for as long as we inhabit the same universe as an object of our observation there is no such thing as the “outside”. This in many ways resembles teachings of many ancient philosophies. In their vision everything in our universe is interconnected, “all things are one”.

I’ve been wondering if the great mystical revelation that “all things are one” refers to our role as an observer and creator of our own reality. As far as I’m concerned we have no way of knowing if everything in the universe is connected. But one thing is for sure- everything in our heads is connected. All of the world as we know is what we have experienced through our bodies. I could even say that physical world we live in forms an “extension” of our body. Until the point when something reaches our senses (when we can see it or touch it etc.) we’re not aware of this thing’s existence. All people, places and things we have seen and experienced we have seen and experienced through our bodies through, our senses. All of our mental projections of reality and memories gathered over the years have been created/processed by our brain and our nervous system.

So everything we know about the world comes from our body- one body. “All things are one” because they are all parts of one’s body experience. Everything in our body is connected, it all works together building our perception of reality and our place in it. So in in a way everything we know about the world is what we know about ourselves. All you have ever seen and experienced is inside of your head. Things we never physically experienced or never thought of are non- existent to us. There is no way out of it, at least not for as long as you live in your physical form.

I guess that’s why most esoteric schools teach us that when you want to learn something about the world you should look within. Every possible answer you’re searching for you will find in there. Many spiritual masters, philosophers and practitioners of “higher magic” tell us that at some point in our spiritual development we will come to realise that we are ONE with all of the existence. Boundaries between self and non-self will melt and then we will come to realise that we ARE the world and that the world IS us. From there also comes revelation that we’re all gods- each one of us is the creator of the universe we live in.

But there is also a trap awaiting those who get blinded by vision of having some truly “supernatural” powers- we can’t forget that even though we might be gods in our self-created micro universes we are in fact the gods of Maya. Whatever powers or gods created us in the first place have been there before we were born. These powers rule the actual universe, what we rule is the world of illusion. The purpose of enlightenment is to expose the world of illusion and acknowledge it for what it is. Those who fail to notice the difference can end up tangled up in the world of their own imagination until the point when they’re no longer able to process any new information from their surrounding environment. I am sure you all met such people- to us they seem mad. Unfortunately to some extend we all suffer from this type of madness. Our perception of being separate from our surrounding environment is one of the ways this “madness” manifests.

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  1. I can really see that you have given all this very much thought, and I am truly in awe of your wisdom and understanding. At a much simpler level, I can totally feel your thought processes and I can relate to all that you say. On a much more er… perhaps naive level I feel that all you say is the fundamental basis for the way we humans actually are.
    However….. all we can ever do is to act the way we feel is right at the time, Nothing ….ever stays the same, so how can we say that we are ever wrong in our thoughts and actions? when all is said and done, all we can be actually be …. is just who we really are? doesnt everything depend on what is at the kore of us? nothing is certain, that to me is a truth, and apparently…. everything ‘is’ permitted by the universe. but … Isn’t that only if we allow it? I have little real knowledge of Magik, but I very much believe in it, because I can feel it. I have learned very much from you. Thank you.

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    • Hello Trace- first of all great to see you And thanks for you kind words

      This is quite an old article really… I just put them all in one place. You may find that the later articles are a bit too long. I am hoping to edit them when I have time…

      As to what you said:

      “However….. all we can ever do is to act the way we feel is right at the time, Nothing ….ever stays the same, so how can we say that we are ever wrong in our thoughts and actions? when all is said and done, all we can be actually be …. is just who we really are?”

      Yes- and what you are and what I am is already perfect in its own way. If we could all accept each other for what we are our lives would be so much easier…

      ” I have little real knowledge of Magik, but I very much believe in it, because I can feel it.”

      This is what i always admired about you- being able to ‘feel’ rather than ‘think’ is a magical skill on its own… Little real knowledge of magick?? Is bringing your kids up not a powerful act of magick?? Is working not an act of magick?? Is there anything out there at all that isn’t magick??

      To me the only difference between magick and mundane is in your attitude. We all know these great moments like say when you’re in love (at least I hope we do) and suddenly you go out on the street and the whole world is singing and dancing with you.
      And how about the opposite? You have a crap day and you hate everything- the people, the city, your life and yourself.
      It’s the same street but suddenly it looks completely different…So what has changed? The answer is obvious- it was you

      Each time something seems boring, uninspiring and ugly to you it was you who made it look and feel in that way. The same applies to the beautiful things… You shape your own reality- this is magick. Just why we choose to spend most our lives in the boredom and pain is a mystery to me… I guess we’re just stupid..

      “I vow to perceive every phenomenon as the direct communication between god (the divine) and my soul’ – that’s the vow every magician should take…. ( ‘should’ in brackets- do whatever you want)

      “We must have the stubbornness to accept our gladness in the ruthless furnace of this world” – another of my favourite quotes. This world is a ‘furnace’ – it’s a cruel place that brings us pain and eventually kills us. However our world is also very beautiful. It is up to us to find beauty and inspiration even if the hardest of times. As long as you can do it you’re the master of your own life…

      Awhile ago I had an argument with a friend (Lol). He said that occultists were basically losers and fuck- ups who imagined otherworldly things to make themselves feel better about their lives…(maybe not exactly in these words but that was the meaning of it). I got horribly pissed off with him, main reason being my fear that he was right 😀 I can’t deny it- I have fucked up on many levels…However I don’t feel like a loser. Every mistake I made was a lesson and every lesson helped to become wiser.

      As a Thelemite I claim that ‘even in failing we succeed’ Always see the bright side of death

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