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3989032_origIndra’s Net is a private page of the agent known as Tara* Bersekr. It’s a small chunk of time and space where I gather and keep my ideas. Indra’s net is a metaphor just like the Holographic Universe. In this vision every chunk, every cell contains the Great Whole. Each jewel is reflected in all of the other jewels. It’s a web of connections, a network just like that inside of our brains.

Each one of us hides the whole universe within and when we retreat deep into ourselves we all meet each other in there. Each one of us  weaves a web/ a net of our own dreams and in that web we find each other. This is the Indra’s Net

Each one of us lives and creates our personal myth- a story7576026_orig we tell ourselves about who we are and what we are doing in here. This story is like a collection, a kaleidoscope of our memories- the bits we pull out, pieces we stick together, a creation of our Inner Genius. Deep inside our heads, inside our subconscious minds and deeper still, in the unconscious, we hide our most precious gems. They visit us in our dreams and visions telling us stories about ourselves. We have a choice to share these stories with the rest of the world. This is a process of our own self’-creation.

Each one of us fights a battle within- a battle with our own bodies, trying to force ourselves to be what we want ourselves to be. This conflict is the source of our suffering and also a source of our inspiration.Eleutheria-Allegoria-Holographicticious-Seth-McMahon-Jonathon-Solter-Gabriel-Welch-E-Howard-Luke-Brown

Whatever we do in our everyday lives, our daily struggles and daily pleasures they all create our memories. Most of these memories are pushed back to the subconscious mind where they lay dormant until the time is right for them resurface. When they resurface they bring us a new story. This is what I call the Dreamweaver- my personal system of magick.





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  1. as someone who recognized resemblence in Your descriptions, who found Here in pursuit of Tara, who apparently (currently) isn’t trapped on the low + dark end but in a ‘bright + extatic headtrip’ , i therefore would like to humbly request ‘general’ guidance

    (p.s. my situation is somewhat stable, but a slow slide towards selfdestruction (to avoid a immediate one (trough break OR burn)) is still NO solution)

    (p.p.s. it is seriously easier to conntact me though the gaming plattform known as valve steam, i just changed my profile to fit the ‘name’ (it’s more a description aktually) i use right now)

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  2. (p.p.p.s. if you think the ‘demon of wrath’ asura is a poor choice, take a look at the (entire) story of the game ‘Asuras Wrath’ + a un-demonized dragon has a entirely different image (especially a black & silver – yin yang – variant)

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  3. Thank you for you contributions! I am going to read through them all when I’m next free.
    As for contacting you; I don’t play games. It would be quite impractical for me to join the platform Is there any other way we could keep in touch?

    Regarding “general guidance”- I don’t know about that! I am currently going through an insanely dark and self-destructive phase once again. I take one day at the time. Luckily I feel very strong, both physically and mentally, hopefully I will manage to pull through. I am happy to share insights, but I don’t feel like a good guide

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  4. ‘ … if You can’t come to me, i have to go to You … ‘ – the only requests would be ‘ without ‘ or at least ‘ with minimal cost ‘ ( of money ( you can’t spend, what you don’t have ) ) + ‘ less public, more private ‘ – because as some ‘ one ‘ , who , by all means would have to be considered ‘ queer ‘ , i wish to avoid public notice ( untill i feel ‘ solidified + ready ‘ enough to ‘ brave the storm of controversy i will ignite ( simply by being ‘ me ‘ that is ) – as for the ‘ general guidance’ – i have ‘ survived ‘ so far through a taktic i call ‘ sponge & mirror ‘ = ‘ take in what surrounds you + reflect it ‘ which turned out to be version of ( camoflage your ‘ self ‘ + becomming the ‘ mask ‘ – by absorbing what proved usefull, and discarding the rest ) , which pretty much sums up the ‘ guidance ‘ i asked for

    p.s. there is only ONE ‘ me ‘ , but having a quite colorfull mosaik as a personality, i have a variety of ‘ normally ‘ conflicting oppinions (at the same time, that is = simply seeing different sides of the same ‘ whatever ‘ aktually ) reguarding ALLMOST! EVERYTHING! = keeping myself in balance is essential for my survival ( as ‘ a leaf dancing in the center of a hurricane ‘ ( which isn’t as calm as it should be ) )

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  5. p.p.p.s. reguarding the ‘ black & silver ‘ dragon – yin – yang, i think i found a better analogy = ‘ shadow & song ‘ ( still quite opposing dragon types ) ( definitions from the ‘ forgotten realms – dungeons & dragons ‘ a.k.a. R(ole)P(laying)G(ame) – ‘Rules’ )

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  6. also p.s. my center ‘self’ is basically formed from a trinity of ‘Flower Power’ + ‘Punk’ + ‘Metalhead’ which ALL THREE are QUITE SELFDESTRUCTIVE ( and i seemingly keep circulating through ‘LOVE & COMPASSION’ + ‘PROTEST’ + ‘AGGRESSION’ ) and basically want to finally ‘ spiral upwards ‘ ( because stopping the rotation at this point is would also most likely prove lethal ) ( and i can think of far worse goals ( an ideal to strive for ) than ( Tara ) = ‘ even if the world is one ‘half full’ , you don’t have to make it worse ‘ – you can look up ‘world half full’ + ‘knight in sour armor’ (+ ‘last DJ’) at a wiki called ‘tv tropes’ = ‘figure of speech’ found here http://tvtropes.org/ )

    p.s. the wiki ‘itself’ said that using google would be better than the ‘inbuilt’ search engine, and i found that to be true, so simply adding ‘tv tropes’ to google searches will yield some interessing insights into ‘pop culture’ ( almost every time )

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  7. p.p.s. try ‘Silly Rabbit, Cynicism Is for Losers!’ (http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/SillyRabbitCynicismIsForLosers)
    for a start ( also interesting to know: i basically seemed to have stopped ‘ growing up ‘ ( emotionally ) around 16 AND managed to regress back to somewhere around 6 resulting in a ‘ almost everything could be possible, and believing just because ‘it didn’t happen yet, it can’t happen at all’ is wrong ‘ mindset which comes down to the John Lennon (yes, the Beatle) Dragon Quote http://emilysquotes.com/i-believe-in-everything-until-its-disproved-so-i-believe-in-fairies-the-myths-dragons-it-all-exists-even-if-its-in-your-mind/

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  8. also i could provide You with a ‘motivational speech recording’ that basically comes down to ‘ because we are born with nothing, we can become anything we want’
    ( if you don’t take offense that it comes in the form of an ANIME )

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  9. also ENGLISH is NOT MY NATIVE LAGUAGE, so i’m having slight problems with it (most likely ‘ butchered grammar’ & ‘slighly off interpretations of meanings’)

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